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Frequently asked questions

Q: What do I need to wear to a class?

Just wear usual gym clothes, anything you feel comfortable in, something like tracksuit/jogging bottoms, shorts, t-shirt and trainers (or you can train in barefoot if you prefer), then if you are enjoying it, you can purchase the clubs uniform

Q: What equipment do I need?

As a beginner we can provide you with all the equipment you need which you can borrow at the classes. When you realise you love the class then you can think about purchasing your own Boxing Gloves. Skipping ropes, mats and pads are all provided at each class.

Q: Are there any membership fees?

No. You only pay for the classes you attend. Once you have decided you like the classes you will have to pay an annual fee for your kickboxing licence and insurance.

Q. Do you have to be in good shape to take part in kickboxing?

Not at all. In fact, many people use kickboxing as a way to get in good shape. Once you start you will quickly become athletic lean and toned, which will help you burn fat fast.

Q: I know you do skipping for a warm up, I really can’t skip, is that a problem?

The majority of beginners start being unable to skip, but after a few weeks you will soon start to pick it up, it just takes a little bit of practice and perseverance. If you’re really having trouble picking up the skipping (there are a few, so you won’t be alone) there are other ways of warming up, so don’t let the skipping put you off attending.

Q: If we work in pairs, do I need to come with a friend?

The good thing about attending the club with a friend is you can both motivate each other to keep attending each week, so if you can find someone else to bring along that would be better for both of you. But if you can’t find anyone else, then please don’t let that put you off attending, the members are a really sociable bunch so you will soon feel part of it.

Q: Do you do Gradings? Can I get a Black Belt?

Yes we do regular belt gradings and if you put the hard work in you can eventually become a black belt

Q: Will I be in full contact fights?

Only when you are ready, first you will learn how to punch and kick using bags and pads, then you can move up to sparring and then eventually contact kickboxing

For any sparring that takes place all protective equipment can be provided and must be worn. The sparring will be strictly controlled and supervised to ensure no injury.

Q: Do we train to music?

Oh course we do, you need music to get your fired up and motivated during the class.

Q: Can I enter any competitions?

We aim to enter as many competitions as possible throughout the year. You will be able to compete if we feel you are ready and able.

Frequently asked questions by parents

Q: Will learning kickboxing teach my child to be hostile and aggressive?

No. At our clubs children learn a lot about what it means to be respectful and polite. As a result, kids develop a more respectful and kind attitude to others.

Q: Can my child still participate in kickboxing if he/she is not athletic?

Yes. Kickboxing can be ideal for kids who just don't fit into team sports. Kids who never could throw a ball well or run fast find that kickboxing is accessible to them.... It's something they excel at, and as a result, their confidence soars.

Q: What ages are the other kids at the club?

Our clubs have children of all ages.

Q: Do boys AND girls do kickboxing?

Yes. At our clubs we have a good mix of both girls and boys. One of our female instructors holds a 1st Dan black belt and is a National and European kickboxing champion

Q: My child has never done any martial arts before, will they like it?

The Scorpion Kickboxing Association has produced many kickboxing champions and lots of students who started as children, still continue to train with us as adults.

Our qualified instructors have been specifically trained to ensure that every child has a great time every time they come to the club. By attending your child will learn and grow in a positive environment aimed at helping them develop in key areas such as confidence, self-esteem, positive attitude, coordination, discipline, fitness.