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Kickboxing Skills - Fitness - Conditioning - Ring Work - Bag Work - Agility - Speed - Confidence - Control

Do you want to improve your fitness and learn Kickboxing skills?

If the answer is yes, then the Scorpion Kickboxing Association is the place for you.

Boys and Girls, Men and Women, whatever age you are from 5 to 65 and whether you are completely new to kickboxing or an experienced black belt, we will provide you with a friendly, safe environment where you can reach your goals. Be it improving your fitness or honing your kickboxing skills, ready to compete in tournaments.

The instructors will guide you using a mixture of non-contact kickboxing sparring, combinations, sparring, bag work, pad work and more to take your fitness to new levels.

Where can I train?

The Scorpion Kickboxing Association operates clubs in South and West London, click on the buttons below to find out more about each club.

To find out more about the classes click here